Tajkia Musarrat is a Research Fellow working within the Division of Cancer and Stem cell at University of Nottingham. Her research focuses on investigating the role of immune cells (T-cells, Dendritic cells etc.) in health and diseases. In recent years, she has identified Tumour associated antigen (TAA) specific T-cells which could be potentially used to develop T-cell receptor (TCR) based immunotherapy for colorectal and pancreatic cancer. As part of her doctoral research project, she characterised novel receptor-ligand pair CD55-CD97 induced Type 1 regulatory T-cells (Tr1 cells) and investigated the effect of immune-modulatory treatments of auto-immune diseases (i.e. Multiple sclerosis) on the immune-suppressive function of Tr1 cells by altering IL-10 production.


Tajkia was awarded the Vice-chancellor’s Scholarship for research excellence by University of Nottingham to pursue Ph.D. in Oncology.  She was also awarded the “Travel exchange Fellowship 2018” by British Association for Cancer Research (BACR) to attend trainings which helped her to develop immuno-assays.

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