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ISARIC COVID-19 Report using data from COVID-19 Database; Data up to June 8th 2020

The International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infections Consortium (ISARIC) has made available the latest report on #COVID19.

The results in the report have been produced using data from the ISARIC COVID-19


Up to the date of this report, data have been entered for 67130 individuals from 488 sites across 37 countries.

To download the full report click the image

The analysis detailed in this report only includes individuals:

1) for whom data collection commenced on or before 25 May 2020. (We have applied a 14-day rule to focus analysis on individuals who are more likely to have a recorded outcome. By excluding patients enrolled during the last 14 days, we aim to reduce the number of incomplete data records and thus improve the generalisability of the results and the accuracy of the outcomes. However, this limits our focus to a restricted cohort despite the much larger volumes of data held in the database.)


2) who have laboratory-confirmed or clinically-diagnosed SARS-COV-2 infection

The cohort satisfying the above criteria has 42656 cases (98.19% are laboratory-confirmed for SARS-COV-2 infection)

The flow chart in Figure 1 gives an overview of the cohort and outcomes as of 08 June 2020.

Outcomes have been recorded for 34608 patients, consisting of 22949 recoveries and 11659 deaths. Follow-up is ongoing for 4411 patients. Outcome records are unavailable for 3637 patients.

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