Dr Amanda Tatler NottinghamCovid Research Group

Amanda has extensive expertise studying the pathogenesis of respiratory diseases with a particular focus on understanding the mechanisms of tissue remodelling in the lung in diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, asthma and viral infections.


After completing her PhD under the supervision and mentorship of Professor Gisli Jenkins, Amanda spent her post-doctoral training years between the University of Nottingham and two of the world’s leading medical schools (University of California San Francisco and Harvard Medical School), supported by two prestigious early career fellowships (NC3Rs and the Medical Research Foundation/Asthma UK).


She has a broad range of technical skills ranging from molecular and cellular biology, in vivo models of respiratory diseases, and developing and utilising ex vivo tissue models. In addition to her role in the Nottingham Covid Research Group Amanda leads a research team aiming to a) develop a novel breathing lung slice model, b) understand how extracellular matrix influences disease pathogenesis and c) investigate the role of the transcription factor Elk1 as a master regulator of fibrosis.

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